Day 5: Our Burn Experience

Happy news tonight! Rick got sprung from the hospital today! Leg needs to be wrapped, elevated, and kept off it until the swelling goes down and redness is gone. Antibiotics will continue to be given through IV, but as an outpatient. Here’s the ugly of it: day5

Today was my first time in the gym since starting Burn. I had tons of energy to get through the workout and could feel my core heat up quickly, I was sweating just WALKING on the treadmill! But it felt good, I felt more productive during my workout. I mostly use the weight machines, changing up my routine, weights, and reps every few weeks. Once the swelling goes down in Rick’s leg, we’ll start adding in walking in the evening for both of us.

Today was a higher carb day, allowing 70-100 carbs and fasting after 6pm. Greek yogurt with honey here I come! This is one of my favorite snacks during the day, especially after a workout, but the carb content is on the high side when every carb counts. Tomorrow Rick will be back on track with me, having a partner to go through this with is so much easier, and back to a low carb day.

Carb intake: Breakfast- Premium Lifestyle Shake mixed with 8 oz almond milk 10g. Lunch-I splurged with the little guy at Blaze pizza, two slices of their white top pizza 28g. Dinner- Chicken salad served in a lettuce wrap and a cup of watermelon 21.6g. Snacks- Fage Total 2% Greek yogurt with honey 29g. day5-2________________________

Total Carb Intake: 88.6g

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